1.2 An Overview

There is never enough time

In life there are typically two main resources. Money and time. Unfortunately time is not something you can earn more of. Unlike money, once you spend time - it's gone! To earn more money, typically you are giving up more of your time. This is an important lesson for all leaders. Being productive doesn't mean being busy with all your time. It means having more impact with the time that you have. Output is not the same as outcome. As a leader, focus on how you can have the biggest impact with the time that you have.

When I first realised that time was limited, I wanted to be more deliberate about how I spent it. But how? This course will show you small steps how.

In this course, you'll find:

  • A Set of Mental Models - Mental Models help me think about time management from various perspectives. I use these models to review how I'm using my time, and how I can use it more effectively.
  • A Section on Peaks and Flow - Effective Time Management is the art of balancing efficiency and effectiveness. We will explore how these concepts encourage you to manage your time better.
  • Laws of Time Management - Laws are universal truths. Understanding these in relation to time will teach us their implications and also, what we should do in reaction to them.
  • A Section on Not All Time is Equal - Although time itself is a constant, how we use time is not. This section details different types of time, what happens if we use too much or not enough of the time we have and how to kill "Dead Time".
  • Famous Productivity Methods - Although this course is not intended to certify you in any specific method, I share the essence of each of these methods to help you get started and find techniques that work for you.
  • What's Next? - Tips on how to put what you learn into practice and a list to other further resources.

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